Guide to Launch your first eCommerce Store

Guide to Launch your first eCommerce Store

In this Guide to Launch your first eCommerce Store we are going to explores all the options and step required to setup an eCommerce store of your own. eCommerce industry is the fastest growing industry and its growth has outpaced many traditional business. Worldwide increase in the internet users and significant increase in the investment in the sector are driving factor behind this growth story. Paying online has become much easier with continuous technological advancements and its such an easier process that any one with little technical expertise can easily do it. (more…)

Leverage Browser Caching for Images, CSS and JS in WordPress via .htaccess File

We need¬† to Leverage Browser Caching for Images, CSS and JS in a website to increase browsing speed and to achieve that in WordPress we mostly use a plugin. An Plugin can create extra overhead in terms of keeping it updated and additional maintenance for a webmaster. Caching can be achieved easily with use of .htaccess file in WordPress.¬† Add below code in .htaccess file and upload it on root of your WordPress Installation. We are good to go without use of a plugin for this. (more…)

5 Reasons Why Amazon is The King of E-Commerce

When it comes to e-commerce website, Amazon is ruling the roost. Being a pioneer in e-commerce domain, Amazon is the name synonymous with organizational effectiveness. The company is well-known for its magnificent range of goods and services, delivered through a well-synchronized global platform. Not only does the portal is a paragon of excellence, but also a motivating force to many. Amazon has stitched the most sterling performance ever by selling the finest products off the shelves and rendering unrivaled experience to the consumers. Here, we have figured out what makes Amazon the brightest star in the sky. (more…)


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