Our Proven eCommerce Marketing Process Giving Big Boom in Sale for Our Clients

So before we look into the actual process, I am sharing the results we produced for our clients recently using the exact process I am sharing in the post below.

Client#1 – 265.12% Growth in RevenueClient Result #1

Client#2 – 134.23% Growth in RevenueeCommerce Process Result

Similar results we produced with four more clients.

Here is the exact step by step process we followed to achieve these results for our clients. And I believe this process will generate similar or even better results for any business in any industry. (more…)

Importance of Presentation & context for eCommerce Product Photos

Importance of Presentation & context for eCommerce Product Photos

Online shopping is becoming popular with every passing of day. We can find almost everything we need with a few clicks of mouse and its many time available with a discounted price as well. Have you ever purchased anything online without clearly checking the product photos ?

While buying a product be it online or offline customer want to fully check it from every angle and make sure its perfect. In offline shopping buyer can check the actual product physically and can be sure of its condition before making the final decision.

In case of online shopping customer only get to see the pictures of the product instead of the actual product itself. Pictures are the only way for a customer to get a real look and feel of what they are buying.

How to install SUPEE-6788 without SSH

Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6788

Magento released a new security patch SUPEE-6788 on Oct 27, 2015 which address 10+ security issues, including remote code execution and information leak vulnerabilities. A new Magento community edition also released which comes with all these vulnerabilities fixes included. This patch is not related to Guruincsite malware infection in thousands of magento website worldwide.

Security of an online store must be maintained at any cost. When you use an open source platfrom, its important that you keep your store updated to latest version. If you still using magento 1, I highly recommend to migrate your store to magento 2.

Its strongly recommended to install this patch in a development environment first as it can effect several popular extensions and customization. (more…)


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