Essential Effect of Photography in Website Designing

Photography in Website DesigningSummary: Photographs are extremely important in the website as they express objective of the company more than words can do. This mandates for using creativity and twisting it in a way to create impressive images.

Website is an imperative part of establishing organization’s reputation in the market. Providing extensively readable content with impressive visuals, these sites are intended to draw the attention of the users towards company’s products and services. As all know, (more…)

Ways to Speed Up Your Magento Store – optimizing Magento performance

Magento is the champion open source platform when it comes to E-commerce store and globally accepted by store owners and web developers. The reason of its popularity is the wide range of features offered it and the flexibility and robustness its gives to developers to easily customize it for any kind of custom requirements. Despite its popularity magento is a heavy CMS and can slow down your store if not configured properly. These settings are not quite obvious and many times missed by even experienced developers during the Magento development process.

There are several ways for optimizing Magento performance that starts from magento admin confi-guration and hosting/server related configurations. (more…)

The World of Pageless Prototype Comes Live in Web Designing

Website designing is moving towards a future that reflects effective designing without having to toil in changing pages for information. It is all about the need for people to follow trends in web designing and becoming a part of the growth process. As the change is inevitable, technical world is also accustomed to alterations in terms of designing.

Keeping it simple and easily functional aspects has set the new guidelines in website design services. As a perfect answer to stuffed websites, Pageless prototype explains its excellence in offering one page with complete information told like a story to the web user. Moreover, it is the operational hazard that blocks the way of websites to open swiftly. (more…)

How to Change URL Prefix For Custom Post Types in WordPress

While developing our own website with WordPress I came across one issue with URL structure of blog and portfolio pages. I needed to have blog post URL to be To achieve this I used WordPress permalinks settings and added a URL prefix using custom permalinks options as blog/%postname%/

This solved one problem with blog URL and created another one. Now all our portfolio pages also started to have this URL prefix and all url portfolio URL started to have two url prefix with a structure like

We don’t wanted to have this kind of structure at all. After searching around the internet I came across below solution to fix the problem –

We have registered a custom post type for our portfolio and I added below line of code in the post type register function of the plugin.

'rewrite' => array(
'with_front' => false,
'slug'       => 'portfolio'

Hope this helps anyone looking for a solution to problem like this with custom post type. Even if your URL don’t work after adding this code, make sure you refresh your rewrite rules stored in the wp_options table. To refresh that try saving your permalinks settings to default once and than reset it back to your original settings. It will regenerate all rewrite rule and your custom post type URL will start working as per your settings.