B2C eCommerce, why not B2B eCommerce [Some Facts]

Nowadays eCommerce is not just selling to customers. With technological advancement and ease of process & operation with it, Online business to business trade b2b eCommerce is an emerging trend.

In recent years B2C eCommerce has got most of media attention and limelight, B2B eCommerce is also growing simultaneously and its higher revenue generator for organization than B2C.

B2B sellers are now recognizing the importance of customer experience & ease of operation offered by new technologies where there business customers got access to all their products, pricing, stock, product specification at tap of their fingers.

Its also important to keep in mind that business customers are also used to with typical work flows of B2C eCommerce and therefor any solution developed for B2B customers should not heavily differ from typical B2C workflows.

What B2B eCommerce customer expect ?

Time is precious in today’s technology driven era and that applies to B2B buyers as well. B2B customers also wants to check detailed product specifications, checkout their past order history and place news orders flawlessly without any external help or intervention. In Short B2B customers expect –

  • More control over their purchase
  • Purchase online 24/7 without a need to call your office
  • Instant access to product information, stock & pricing
  • Ease ordering process

Checkout some statistics

Some statistics from Acquity Group ‘State of B2B Procurement, 2014 Report –

71% of B2B buyers prefer to conduct research and purchase on their own with access to a sales representative via the phone or online chat when needed.” – Acquity Group ‘State of B2B Procurement, 2014

68% of B2B buyers now purchase goods online.” Uncovering the Shifting Landscape in B2B Commerce – Acquity Group, 2014

83% see a supplier’s website as the most popular channel for conducting research online.” – Acquity Group ‘State of B2B Procurement, 2014

“Only 12% of B2B buyers have the need to meet in person with a sales representative.” – Acquity Group ‘State of B2B Procurement, 2014

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