Hire a Magento Developer

How would you hire a Magento Developer?

Do you want to hire a Magento developer but don’t know how to hire?

This article will discuss how to hire a Magento developer & Magento 2 Developers for your website.

Magento is one of the best open-source platforms used worldwide, and Magento is mostly used by e-commerce stores. If you have an e-commerce platform then you know how difficult it is to manage an online store. In this case, you need to hire a professional Magento developer. Here you can find some essential information about the following topics: 

5 Steps to Hire a Magento Developer: A Complete Guide

  1. Importance of hiring a Magento developer 
  2. Decide your requirements
  3. 5 tips to choose the best Magento developer
  4. Skills that you need to check in a Magento developer
  5. How to use social media platforms to hire a Magento developer?

So now you can find the details about the above topics here:

Importance of hiring a Magento developer 

Before you hire any developer for your Magento website, you need to know the importance of hiring a Magento developer. Magento is a complex tool that requires a wide range of technical knowledge, and if you do not have adequate knowledge about it then you must hire a certified developer to run your business website. 

Advantages of hiring a Magento developer: 

  • If you hire a professional developer for your Magento site then you do not need to spend your valuable time on coding and other technical gigs. An experienced developer can maintain your website and save your time. So you can concentrate on branding, advertising, marketing, sales, and finances. 
  • A certified Magento developer can help you with PSD and HTML theme customization and he/she can design an attractive theme for your website. Plus, you can learn a lot of technical things from the developer. The developer usually has an access to the best tools to update or upgrade your website. So you get full technical assistance from a Magento developer. 
  • If you want to develop an e-commerce store, then you need to make it unique. In this case, you can alter a few designs or themes of your website. You can ask your developer to change the areas where you can enhance the chance of site optimization and visibility. Magento developers can easily modify your website as per your requirements. 
  • People do not stay more than five seconds on a website and if they find your website slow then they will log out from your site instantly. To attract potential customers and increase your ROI, you need to develop your website with a better and clear appearance, and you must check the backend issues of your website per day. In this regard, you can hire a Magento developer who can maintain your website, and help you to rank well on search engines. 

Decide your requirements

You can easily find out various developers online, and you can check their specialisation to choose the best one. But, if you do not clear about your project then you cannot describe your needs to a developer. So here you can find a few things that will help you to make a layout for your business website/ e-store: 

Front-end or Back-end developer: 

Before you hire a developer for your website, you need to know the differences between front-end and back-end developers. They have different sets of responsibilities, and you must know their roles before you hire them. 

Front-end developers: a front-end developer can design your Magento site with all necessary elements, and he or she can change the colours, theme, layout, and navigation of your website. You must choose a front-end developer who knows PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, APIs, and Magento CMS. If you want to develop and design your website with a professional developer then you can look for a Front-end developer like Axis Web Art. 

Back-end developers: you can hire a back-end developer for a specific work. For example, you can hire a back-end developer to maintain your central database or to create a mobile app for your business.

Apart from that, you can also choose a full-stack developer for your complete website. He can provide front-end and back-end support for your business, and you do not need to spend your time on your website. 

Do you need a part-time or full-time developer? 

There are different kinds of Magento developer services available online, and you can hire them on a part-time, full-time, or on project basis. It is better to hire a full-time developer for your Magento website because you cannot predict the complications that you can face in furniture and such technical errors can ruin your business completely. Plus, if you hire a developer on contract then you need to review their contract again, or you will have to go through the hiring process again. So it is better to go for a full-time developer for your e-store. 

Do you need an agency or an individual developer? 

How would you hire a Magento Developer

If you have an e-commerce store then an individual developer cannot handle your large project. For example, you cannot run a shopping mall by hiring only one sales representative. In this regard, you can hire an agency that has an experienced team. A good agency like Axis Web Art can provide all possible resources for your e-commerce business and they can develop your website at an affordable cost. 

Cost or quality: what you prefer? 

There are some developers available that offer Magento website development at cheap prices. They just want to take your project and earn some money. They cannot create a well-responsive Magneto website within a deadline. So if you expect better quality work then you need to pay a decent amount to the developer. It is related to your business and it is better to choose a professional Magento developer like Axis Web Art, who can provide an all-in-all solution at an affordable price. 

You need to develop a website that is light, fast, and secure. So you must hire an experienced developer who has ample knowledge in this field. Do not go for cheap quality works and compromise with your online business, and always choose a certified Magento developer in this regard. 

5 tips to choose the best Magento developer

#1 Reviews and ratings

#2 References

#3 Portfolio

#4 Availability

#5 Project details

Reviews and ratings:

You must check the ratings and reviews of a Magento developer before you hire. You can visit their website and social media pages to know about them. Else, you can contact their previous clients to get proper feedback.


References can help you to choose a trustworthy developer for your business. You can ask for a few references from your relatives and friends, and evaluate their previous works to choose the best one. 


You can check the portfolio of a developer before you hire. In this regard, you can check their number of projects, experience level, proficiency, designs, frameworks, certifications, and lesion plans. Almost all developers have their own portfolio on their official website, and you can check it out before you hire. 


If you want a Magento developer for a specific task and hire them on contract then you need to check their availability. You do not have much time to wait for their response and you need to check their communication system before you hire. Such developers cannot provide 24×7 services, but you can connect them through their social media pages beyond official timing. Else, you can contact them via mail or phone.

Project details:

It is a crucial step where you need to share your requirements with the developer. If they do not understand your needs then you have to request them to change your site again and again. You cannot finish your e-commercial website within a deadline. In this case, you must choose a Magento developer like Axis Web Art that can design your website faster, and within a deadline. 

If you are unsure about the developer’s expertise then you can give them a paid project. The paid coding test is the best alternative in this regard, and you can test their skills through some automated platforms like Codility or Devskiller. 

Skills that you need to check in a Magento developer

As stated above, Magento is a complicated platform and people having experience can solve such complicated coding. In this case, you need to ensure the technical expertise of a Magento developer before you hire. You can check the following things before you hire a Magento developer: 

Development skills:

It is obvious that a certified Magento developer has ample knowledge about the Magento platform and they can create an effective online store. But, you need to check their development skills, and they must have enough knowledge about Magento development, custom e-commerce platforms, Magento modules, theme design and development, shopping cart, and custom extension development. 

Industry knowledge:

Industry experience is also important for hire a Magento developer because they will have to work on your online business. So you can check their previous projects, and hire the best one who can handle new challenges. Plus, they must know the frameworks, functions, and features of the Magento platform. 


No one likes an unprofessional candidate and you must check their professionalism before you hire. The development agency will work on your business and their unprofessionalism will drag down your business reputation. So make sure, you must choose a professional developer. 


If you hire a front-end developer then you must check their creative skills. Their creative ideas can make your site innovative and unique. To make a versatile online store, you must choose some creative minds and you can try Axis Web Art in this regard. 

Pressure handling

A good and professional Magento development agency can handle different types of projects at a time, and they have a large team to work on their specific projects. So they can handle pressure and deliver the work within a timeline. But, you cannot expect such professionalism from a freelancer because they can easily stop the work anytime without any prior notice. 

Each developer has some specialisation and you must check their specialized areas before you hire. Few of them can work on coding and some of them can work on designs. So you can check their services in this regard. 

How to use social media platforms to hire a Magento developer?

You can search for the best Magento developers online. Else, you can search them on your social media platforms. You can check their portfolio, previous projects, customer reviews and lots more on their social media pages. Here you can find some useful tips to choose the best Magento developer on social media: 


you can post your requirements on your Facebook groups and your friends and acquaintances can help you to choose the best developer for your website. Else, you can search for different Magento developers on Facebook and text them to discuss your project. 


This is a platform where you can search for people who are listed as Magento developers, and you can check their profiles and portfolio. LinkedIn is the most professional and trusted platform where people can find professional developers for their specific projects. 


Twitter is a cool thing that can be used to search for the best Magento developers. You just need to Tweet with hashtags that you need a developer for your e-store like #Magento, #Developer. You will get the reply on your Twitter within a few minutes only. 

Social media platforms are the best sources that can help you to find out the best developer for your Magento website. But, it is very time-consuming and you cannot trust such developers blindly. Magento is a complex platform that needs lots of technical and coding work, and you need to check their skills, certifications, and previous projects before you hire. 

Axis Web Art is a professional Magento developer that provides theme design, Magento development, Magento marketing, extension development, and data migration. You can request a quote or send your requirements via mail to start your e-commerce website from anywhere at any time.

Now you know better how to hire a Magento developer and what you need to know before hiring Magento 2 developer for your Magento website.