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Perfume eCommerce design and development: Examples, Best Practices & Tips

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No matter what type of eCommerce website development company you have, the main difference is the design and the interface. We understand that you trust the quality of your products and you know that once someone buys them they won’t care about the design of the website. But you need to know that all of it becomes relevant only when the customer reaches the point where they can buy it.

And, getting a new customer onto the website is a tough task and then getting them to the checkout page depends all upon the design, the interface, the way they can interact with it, and speed. A website might have great products but if it is not responding in the way the visitor expects, they might close it even without checking one product. This is because people don’t have a lot of patience these days. They just want websites that run fast, are easy to interact with, and have an eye-pleasing design. So perfume website design and development are more important for better sales and conversion.

In this article that you are reading, you will know a lot about the best perfume e-commerce website design and development. Multiple articles focus on general Perfume eCommerce design and development and other aspects of it. Here, in this one, we will try to be more specific to the niche of Perfume websites. Why? Because it is one of the integral parts of the eCommerce industry. There are so many Perfume websites that are doing great. You will read about them below.

The article contains examples of other great websites and then the practices that you need to follow and then the features that your website must have if you are planning to develop an e-commerce website for your fragrance brand. This article contains a lot of things that might be important if you own a perfume eCommerce business or are planning for one. In both scenarios, it is better to move ahead and start with inspirational examples. 

Some Inspirational Examples For Your Perfume eCommerce Development

Examples For Your Perfume eCommerce Development

Below mentioned names are all perfume websites in case you are wondering how to build a fragrance e-commerce website. These have cracked the Perfume eCommerce design and development game and can be said as the best in their industry.

You don’t have to copy any of them but just observe the elements that they have used and the colors that they took into consideration. There is a notion that you should choose your website colors according to the smell of your perfumes. They also have an eCommerce development company working behind them. These companies surely are the best in the world and that is the reason why they got to work with these amazing brands.

Perfume Website Design Inspiration

  • Chloe:

They have done deep research to know how to sell fragrances online. They have a black and white BG and a Black and White image with just their perfume bottles that come in brown colors. Yes, these are the only colors that they have on their website even with a picture of a woman. That is attractive and creates curiosity in the mind of the visitor to open more pages and have a look at what more it has to offer.

They have made perfume ecommerce website development very easy for customers to use. The images have great details. That is a cashback common in all images. They have not compromised the quality of the images that they use on their website. This is one of the reasons why it all looks so attractive and why people would want to see more. 

Humans tend to stop and admire whenever they see something that is of exceptional quality. And images on the internet that are high quality have the power to stop a person and admire the details that they can see even if it is not what they came for. Chloe has a look of a magazine front page and that is attractive but at the same time, it gets confusing to find the tabs to move forward.

So, make sure that you keep your tabs properly visible so that your customers know how to move ahead on the website. Perfume eCommerce design and development needs all things to be right there for the people. They don’t want to put in their efforts.

  • Dolce & Gabbana:

A brand that aims to sell fragrances online with an eCommerce store and you might know about it if you are into luxurious premium products. Even though their website looks more like a catalog you can still take inspiration from their minimal style.

They have used just two images; one image has a man and the other one has a perfume bottle. The background used is greyish and the images fit right in. There is one more small image of the perfume bottle and a box that contains some tabs. 

This makes it one of the best e-commerce fragrance websites that follow a minimal culture. The structure of the website is also really appealing. There are not a lot of websites that would dare to create a website that does not have any written content on the homepage of their website. This is risky because if the users are not themselves coming to the website there might be problems with SEO.

  • Cartier:

This all-red theme website compliments the range of perfumes sold by the brand and provides e-commerce solutions for your perfumes. They have red bottles of perfume on a cherry-red background. This hits directly in the head and attracts the person who visits the website.

There is a three-dimensional effect that the designers have given to the website. It looks like a room frame and all the perfume bottles are floating in the center. This visual holds anyone who opens the home page. If you go there you would automatically scroll through the bottles. This is all because of the design and the interface. 

The website is minimal in the sense that there is no text around the products, though it is present at the bottom of the page. Also, the menu tab, including cosmetics and perfumes, is placed well with the 3-d blocks that look perfect on the theme. This is a great website that depicts the mood of the brand and also attracts people and makes them take a look. 

Also, because the website looks so clean people tend to explore more and it serves as an inspiration for people who look for a perfume shop website template for a fragrance store. This is a takeaway that when you put a lot of information on the homepage, the user might not want to explore the website.

  • Montblanc:

The website has a bluish WordPress theme and that goes very well with the images of the perfume bottles on the banner. The text on the website is in white and that also goes well with the theme. They have followed the minimalism concept and that is why their website looks so clean at all other points.

The backdrop is plain and they have not added any unnecessary elements to it. Because of this color, the website depicts power, integrity, and knowledge, these things are what define the brand. When you see this you will directly know what the brand believes in and for whom it is meant. This is what design does.

Best Practices To Follow With Your Perfume eCommerce Website:

1. Integrate All Popular Payment Methods:

You need to allow your customers to pay with whatever method they wish even before you start studying how to start a perfume business. This is something that will affect the sales of the perfumes on your website. There are times when people have to pay with some cash back in their wallet but they can’t find a payment integration in their wallet and then they return. If you have that wallet as a payment method you can attract those users and that will show when you will check the sales reports.

2. Keep The Menu Tabs Simple:

The way you keep your menu says a lot to your customers. Perfume website development in India tends to be brighter and more complex. If the menu is complex, chances are that they won’t even consider exploring, they might even close the website. It is all about making it easy for your customers.

3. Focus On The Home Page:

Your homepage is important in any perfume website online. When you are making the design draft make sure that you only put content that lets people explore the website. If you put everything out on the platter, you might never generate that curiosity in people. Give them a teaser and then show them the door to the main exhibits. That is when they will genuinely have a look at the perfumes that you are selling. You can see this in a lot of the examples that were mentioned above.

4. Make Sure The Website’s Technical SEO is Good:

You also have to make sure that your Perfume eCommerce design and development project has all the things that are needed to get a decent technical SEO score. This includes the functionality of every element, content, image optimization, and more. If you can get all of them sorted, you already have one of the important parts done.

Tips For Your Perfume eCommerce Website

Tips For Your Perfume eCommerce Website

  1. Always manage stock levels:

You always have to maintain the stock levels so that no visitor has to see the statement as there is no stock when they wish to buy something. Keeping stock managed will help the business in the long run. It is always better to stay ahead of the demand. You never know what will get hyped up when and that is why keep all perfumes stocked up on the website. You can also have a function added at times when Perfume eCommerce design and development is going on.

 2. Improvisation of product content:

Keep improvising the content of the product’s website design according to the trends and the changes in them. The users are smart and will capture if you keep the same content even when there are changes in the product. Also, this is something that appeals to the users and they take your website and products more seriously because of this. Mark it in your diary and follow this after your Perfume eCommerce development is done. 

3. Regular checking of reviews and ratings:

The content and Perfume eCommerce design and development of the website will not work if the reviews are negative. Customers will instantly look away from products that do not have good reviews. Studies show that more than 80% of shoppers trust reviews as much as they trust any personal recommendation. It has also been observed that every one-star increase in the review of a particular product boosts its revenue by 5-9% positively. 

Now all this data may have given you a touch of power that reviews and ratings hold. It is important to have detailed reviews on products throughout the website to make the users aware of the product they are going to buy. 

4. Gifts with purchase:

Who doesn’t like a freebie? Promoting gifts with purchases is an age-old marketing technique that has been used by both offline and online businesses. In terms of perfume, such small yet thoughtful gifts can change the game. Nowadays, companies have become creative when it comes to gifts.

Perfume eCommerce design and development companies can go beyond fragrances and reward shoppers with attractive things such as clutch bags, candles, or skin care. You just need to look at what is in trend and go according to it. It must be remembered that an attractive gift will always catch the customer’s eye no matter what his/her thought process is. 

5. Thinking omnichannel:

When putting your perfume business online, there are a few things that one needs to take care of. It is important to look for brands that provide good returns over festive periods or are bought by customers during special occasions. The eCommerce website must also dig deep to provide products that are not easily available offline.

In this way, the website will not let offline activity slow down its pace. Customers tend to visit physical shops for a variety of reasons. Make sure to be consistent and provide them with only the best to get a hold of the market. One should also have a catchy website Perfume eCommerce design and development that can connect millions of users sitting on the other side of the screen.


Perfume eCommerce design and development is something that development companies and perfume companies both have to think about equally. We have tried to mention everything possible in this article that can give you an overview of things around it.