context for ecommerce product photos

Importance of Presentation & context for eCommerce Product Photos

Online shopping is becoming popular with every passing of day. We can find almost everything we need with a few clicks of mouse and its many time available with a discounted price as well. Have you ever purchased anything online without clearly checking the product photos ?

While buying a product be it online or offline customer want to fully check it from every angle and make sure its perfect. In offline shopping buyer can check the actual product physically and can be sure of its condition before making the final decision.

In case of online shopping customer only get to see the pictures of the product instead of the actual product itself. Pictures are the only way for a customer to get a real look and feel of what they are buying.

Images are so powerful to tell a story, inspire or persuade customer to buy something. Nicely clicked product photographs can do wonders with your online sell. At the same time poor product shot can ruin the entire goal of developing an eCommerce website.

The better your product looks, the more it will be purchased.

Key Factors for good eCommerce Product Photos

Although its not possible to give a complete product experience online but we can keepĀ  certain key factors in mind while planning a product photo shoot –

Show product from all angles

Shoot multiple photos of a product. Multiple photos of product can be used to display its benefits, features, highlight any USPs. Shoot product from multiple angle of the product like toe, side and bottom of the a shoe.


differnt angle of an image

Show all variants

If you have multiple variants of your product like color and pattern ? In that case take shots of all the variants. Its important to show the various styles and colors of the product to customer as every customer has his own taste and choice.

All Varients of a product

Surroundings & Environment

Customer can be little lazy and unimaginative at times. Many times they fails to realize the benefits of your product. So showing them the possible creative way to use your product is very important.

One of our client sells shower systems and initially we were showing all the items in a white background. For an experiments we advised the client to take few product shot showing the showers being used in the bathrooms and it increased the sell of those items by in impressive 37%.

They idea is to show your product actually being used so the customer can connect it with their own imagination.

When you have white background entire focus remains on the product but sometime you have to think in a creative way to showcase your product.

Focus on Detail

Customer cannot touch or feel the product on an eCommerce sites. So its important thatĀ  the photos of the products shows as much details as possible.

High resolution product shots and zoom option on the images can help customer to check everything with complete details of it.

Make your images look appealing

This is probably the most important area where you have to work on. Appealing product images increase the chances of getting a sale. Various factor plays an important role in making the photo appealing –

  • Get the lighting correct
  • Correct your photo settings for best results
  • Camera should be stable
  • Work on editing your images. May be you can hire some professional photo editing service provider to do the same.
  • Click the photos from best angle


Conversion is very important for an eCommerce store and various factor plays an important role to leads the customer to purchase something.

eCommerce Product photos play an important role. In fact it can be a difference between making a sale and loosing lots of potential customers.

Do experiment with your product photos and make the most of this biggest selling point in an eCommerce world.

Conversion optimisation is a continuous process and important thing here is make decisions based on your the analytical data. Its also good to follow proven eCommerce marketing process that others have used and learn from that.

When it comes to successful eCommerce website development, we at Axis Web Art has mastered the techniques and our decade long experience in the industry can be a guaranteed success for anyone.

I hope you liked the ideas shared in this post. You might have your own ideas and experience of your own. Kindly share your ideas in the comment box below or share this post with your friends and clients.