Restaurant & Hotel Website Design Guide 2024

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Most people do not understand the importance of a hotel website design. Many people own a hotel or a restaurant and have never created a website, or some people do have one, but it makes no difference. So, we understand two things from this. One is that your business needs a website, and the second is that you need to build the website in a way that attracts people and compels them to pay a visit to your place at least once.

Now, we are writing this article to let you know all that can be done by you to make your luxury hotel website design better than your competitors. These days, your web presence has a great impact on where you stand in the market and how you are dealing with the competition. People who are not on the web are already out of the competition. So, whenever you create a website, you are just entering the internet market, and thus, you must create a great first impression. 

A good design has many benefits and it also acts as a medium to attract people who might be interested in your business but are not able to visit physically. This is the reason why hotel web development has gained the attention of so many business stakeholders over the past few years. Many travelers and business people travel all the time. What if they already know about your hotel or restaurant before they are visiting your city? If so, then there is a high chance that they will prefer your hotel or restaurant over others.

Why Is Restaurant & Hotel Website Design Important?

Why Is Restaurant & Hotel Website Design Important

Restaurant website design is very crucial for your business. After all, this is what gets people to your website. They might not be looking for it, but while browsing, if they chance upon your website, its design is what will keep them hooked and encourage it further.

How to develop a hotel booking website is a general question concerning many businesspersons and entrepreneurs all across the world. Website development is a twisted game, and it requires a lot of attention and clarity to create a successful website.

It is important to hire only those developers that are skilled enough to provide results according to your idea of business. A restaurant website developer must be able to deliver a website that can uniquely attract the audience. 

Finding the right type of design is important, and that takes a lot of research, hard work, and clarity about what you want to project on your website. The website should depict a certain mood and a certain vibe, and that should match the vibe of the visitor. This is how you can gain a customer. Many things must be incorporated into a website design, and we have tried our best to include everything in this article. The hotel website designing tips that are mentioned below are all going to give you great results.

How to develop a hotel booking website – Attract, Motivate, Convert

How to develop a hotel booking website

Attract, Motivate and Convert are the three basic steps of getting website visitors, making the best hotel website design, and then finally making them your customer. You first need to attract the customers with the hotel website design and then make them stay on it and browse it. This is the time that you will take your visitor to the point where they will start reading and watching the content on the website. If you have got your visitors till this point, the next step is to write great content, in a way that they get motivated to avail of your services. 

For this, you need to research deeply into restaurant website design. You must note what things the masses want and if you can provide them with that. If you are capable of doing so, then you have to present them in a way that draws the attention of the people. Showing the best content first is the rule that you have to follow while developing and presenting a website. 

Restaurant Or Hotel Website Design Ideas

  • Find The Right Target Audience For Your Hotel Website

Find The Right Target Audience For Your Hotel Website

It is very important to find the appropriate audience from the beginning of the business, as the hotel website design cost also depends on the type of audience. For example, if someone’s restaurant is present near a college, school, or coaching center, the main customers will be students and teachers. Similarly, if there are corporate buildings or offices nearby, businesspersons and IT executives will visit your restaurant often.

Therefore, one must take into account the type of audiences and masses that their business will serve. This includes factors such as age group, preferences, choices, etc., of the target audience. Only after this must the restaurant website design be finalized.

Once the target audience is defined, the website creation of a hotel or restaurant can be started accordingly by the owner or any hotel website design company. If the restaurant targets students, the website can be made vibrant and colorful. On the other hand, if the potential audiences are business professionals, the website design must be inclined towards more of an elegant side that will look sleek and professional.

The website design must appeal to the audience in a way that they feel welcome wholeheartedly. It can also include offers such as “happy hours” or special discounts for members that will attract more and more people. According to the website design, offers can be put in a separate slider image with a pop-up for giving additional details about the same. If one is not sure about how to target and design accordingly., one must contact a hotel web design agency to get the job done.

  • Find A Template That Complements The Theme Of Your Hotel/Restaurant

After the target audience for a particular hotel or restaurant has been determined, the next step is to find a template that suits the website well. For this, you need to find hotel website design inspiration. Typically, a website has to cover all the basic features of the business. For instance, if the website is a restaurant website, it is expected to cover aspects like the ambiance, cuisine, menu, address, and more. Similarly, a hotel website must also include features such as the number and type of rooms, availability, location, ambiance, and more. 

Furthermore, other details can also be included, such as the URL or social media handles, so that people can link to the businesses directly. By following these steps for a restaurant website design, one will be able to include almost every bit of information that the audience needs to get a rough idea about the business. 

It is very important to keep the display of mobile website design for restaurants as simple as possible so that the main focus is on the content only. If the user gets confused looking at the design and is not able to get the important or required information, then they might not be willing to visit the website again. Therefore, planning and creating the design with close monitoring should be a top priority.

  • Decide Upon A Color Scheme for Hotel Website

Deciding the color scheme is a part of branding. Color palettes are used to define the idea behind the restaurant or hotel. Some commonly used color palettes are red, black, yellow, brown, and green. Each color has an idea associated with it. While red symbolizes strength, power, and passion, black often determines elegance, class, and professionalism.

It is important to go by the color schemes and not design the website randomly. For example, a hotel booking website design often has a red color scheme so that it can match the excitement and energy of the website visitor. A defined palette immediately attracts customers and holds their attention for a significant amount of time. 

  • Make Sure The Website Has An Easy To Access Menu/Service Card

You need to have the service or the menu card on the website. This will help the visitor decide whether you have what they are looking for. You can get it done by a hotel website development company in India or abroad to demonstrate the idea. They may like the ambiance and amenities, but it must have something that will urge the person to visit your hotel or restaurant.

Now, additionally, you can also include the price of the items in your menu and or the services you provide. This is extremely important because people look for a place that is fit for their budget. Though, you mustn’t display false prices or upload fake pictures just to get people to your restaurant/hotel.

  • Integrate With Well Optimized Social Media Handles

You need to mention your social media handles on the website and you should make sure that they are active and optimized during the hotel booking website development.  There is no scope for keeping anything on the loose end. To get the maximum benefit of social media, you need to follow the 360-degree approach that says that every content should be related to another medium. Hence, if you are posting on social media, it should have a CTA to take people to the website. Website content can be repurposed as a YouTube video and more.

  • Upload High-Quality Images 

You must have high-quality images of the food and the ambiance to upload them on the website during the hotel website design and development. You must ensure that the bitesize of the images are small so that they load faster when someone opens your website. If the pictures do not load in time along with the other content, then it can cause trouble for the on-page SEO. Good quality images have a great impact on visitors; if the pictures can get them interested, then the chances of them converting into customers are high.

  • The “About-Us” Page Is Critical

Restaurant website development is a very competitive sphere. But with proper description and clear vision, the page visibility can be increased. This is the reason why you need to focus on the About us page of the website. Every content, be it images or written content, should be high-quality. That is what will help to connect people with your restaurant and hotel. It is one of the most important parts of your restaurant website.

Special Tips for Hotel website development & Design

  • Image Optimization Of SEO: Images are the soul of such websites, and they also play a great role in SEO. Details like the size and the quality of the ALT text must be considered.  A Hotel website development proposal is necessary before jumping into its SEO. 
  • Design The Website Properly For Both PC And Mobile: With an increase in advanced smartphones, it has become evident that people are now searching over both desktop and mobile equally. Therefore, a hotel website developer must focus on creating a user-friendly interface that can run on all devices as well as platforms/operating systems. 
  • Showcase The Specialities: This is one of the most important restaurant website design tips. One should always showcase the perks of their business as much as possible, as it will be beneficial to build a brand on the web. 
  • Add The Hotel/Restaurant In Google My Business Listing: One can also take the help of any professional hotel web design company in India to get themselves listed on the web and secure good rankings. 
  • Focus On The Content: Content is the most important part of a website: the keywords, the written content, and all that is read by the visitors and the website crawlers. A website without enough content is not favored by the website crawlers and that is why your website needs to have a proper amount of high-quality original content. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to building a website, the written content is as important.


Your website needs all that is mentioned in the articles for being successful. There are no alternatives, although you can add things as per relevance. At the same time, you must also ensure that the amount of content you have put in is just accurate and precise. Nowadays, people are attracted to minimalism. Thus, you should keep your restaurant website design simple yet elegant.