travel website design & development guide

Travel Website Design & Development Guide: Ideas & Examples

Travel website design has been there for a long time, but why? The reason is that the demand for this industry is everlasting and the services are getting better with time and technology.

Web designs and development services are also getting better with time. We are living in a time when people want everything by tapping a few times on their devices. This is actually possible nowadays with the help of travel website design that changes the stereotype. 

According to Statists, the travel and tourism market is rapidly booming after covid 19. Its revenue is expected to reach US$637.70bn in 2022.

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Source: – Statista

Travel Website Design & Development Services

Travel website design and website development services are getting better and companies are doing every bit to help their clients. They have developers who have experience having done multiple projects in the same niche.

Website design services are the backbone of any digital business. Social media might be getting popular with the netizens but they still go to Google if they want to buy something or want to avail a service.

Tour and Travel website design have been providing services to users around the world for a long time and they are just getting better.

A travel web design company has experience and innovation that can help you with an app out of the box. This can help you reach out to more people and tell them how you are better than others.

This can be made possible when you choose any such company as your partner travel website development company.

Examples of Travel Website Design

Travel Website Design & Development Guide Ideas & Examples

  • ixigo

Ixigo is one of the best examples of website design for tour and travel companies that has a stronghold over the Indian market.

They serve their customers with everything from bus tickets to flight tickets, to train tickets and hotel bookings. You can sort most things you need for traveling from a portal like Ixigo.

Yes, they are comparatively newer in the market, but the way they have grown during the past years has shown that they have something that others do not.

This might be because of great services and offers or availability and clarity. This is one travel website design that you should look up to if you want one such website for your travel business.


One of the oldest yet most popular travel booking aggregators of all time, has always stayed in the top tier when it comes to travel website design.

This website has been the base for so many new websites that people see out there on the web., the Dutch travel company has mainly dealt with lodging and accommodation facilities.

Other things were then added because people were moving from their websites to other websites. Services like flight booking were included that allowed the users to do everything from one dashboard. You can also integrate a travel blog website design within this.

  • MakeMyTrip

Make My Trip is one of the mainstream digital travel agencies in India and is considered the best travel website development company by many.

They have found a formula to attract people to their website. Earlier they used to go with basic television marketing, but now they have shifted towards influencers for their marketing.

MMT also offers you holiday packages, and hotel and travel bookings of other types as well. The best part of this application is the user interface that attracts users to make more use of it.

Even if you don’t want to travel, this travel website design will appeal to you to keep exploring aimlessly.

Travel Website Design and Development Ideas & Types

Travel website Design and Development Ideas & Types

  • Direct Service Providers

In this type, the service provider provides everything that they do themselves. This is why we have termed these as direct service providers. They are not mediators or what we are going to talk about in the next category, the Aggregators.

These businesses provide specific services. They might be providing hotel bookings or bus bookings, or they might be itinerary planners or local guide providers. It can be one specific service, or it might be multiple services, but all by the business that does all of it. 

This is why a lot of travel website design services mostly create content based on the themes of the business and the motive that they have.

The design and content have to be very creative and appealing as they hold a lot of importance in these types of travel websites. Any travel website development company can make the development of these websites comparatively easy in the past times. 

  • Aggregators

These websites have the best travel website design where you will find services from a lot of service providers. Here, you get the interface through which you can make bookings for any travel-related service without having to move elsewhere. This is one of the best types available.

These are the websites that are mostly preferred by people who travel often because here they get to choose from a lot of options. The interface of such a type of travel website design gives them permission to check out each of them in similar aspects and then find out which one is suitable for them. 

These websites are like the Amazon of the travel business. They allow users to book flights, buses, trains and find hotels and create a booking. All of this can be done in one place.

This makes traveling very easy and convenient. When you are on the best travel agency website design that only provides its own services, for example, if you have a hotel chain and you want to create a website for that, people would never know about other options.

They would, but only when they search for them distinctly. That will take a lot of time and also would not be efficient.

Aggregator websites do not require you to have a business of your own or the best travel website design. You just need to have good skills at finding the best deals and more clients who allow you to list their services.

The only thing is that you have to take permission and access from the service providers before integrating it into your travel website design

  • Listing Websites

These are the websites where you just have to put up a list of other service providers. Most people would think about the difference between these and the last type that we discussed.

The main difference is that in the last one, the user could avail of the service from the Aggregators travel website design, meanwhile, here they will be redirected to the direct service provider’s website.

Here, the only revenue that they can get is to send customers to them. This can be done in a commission-per-lead model or any other model that feels suitable to the service provider and the listing website. These can also help travel websites to get more quality links. 

A travel agency website design template can also work for this type of website because there is very little scope for innovation. Everything that is generated is either from the advertisement revenue or commission.

But, what is to think is that people consider either going to the Aggregators or the direct service provider. It reduces the efforts that they have to put in and they also can get better deals on their pages.


Travel websites are great and there is a good chance that you can make the change in them that people were expecting from others in the business.

A travel website development company also has a stronghold over designs. This is because they are a creative company that looks at it as an art more than tech.

Tech is when we are developing the components, but when we are deciding how to fit it all together and how to present it so that users like it, that makes the change.

This is something that will make your travel website and resort website design look different and attract more people to explore their travel options.


  • How do I make a good travel website?

    Step 1: Choose the related domain name for your niche
    Step 2: A platform
    Step 3: Hosting
    Step 4: Create Content
    Step 5: Optimize for SEO
    Step 6: Improve Content, Website health & Marketing.

    Contact Axis Web Art web development company for website development and design.

  • How to create a tourism website using WordPress?

    Domain Name, Hosting, Install WordPress, Install Elementor or other, Choose travel template.

  • What is a tourism website?

    The tourism website gives the user online answers to everything he or she wants to know, such as travel services, travel information, destinations, the best things to do, travel-related items, etc.