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Best Local SEO Services in 2022

Our Local SEO Services ensure that you are visible where it matters the most. To the local customer looking for your services or product.

No business can survive without a share of local word of mouth. We ensure that your real world reputation and trust is reflected in your online presence.

This is your most qualified and valuable traffic that you should not miss at any cost.

Why Axis Web Art for Local SEO?

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What is Local SEO and Why is it so important?

Some facts about local SEO

  • $1.4 trillion in local sales can be directly attributed to local mobile search ~Forrestor study
  • 97% of consumers searched a local business online
  • 78% of the local mobile searches resulted in offline purchases in the next 24 hours. ~SEO Tribunal
  • Approx 46% of Google Searches are local ~GoGulf
  • 62% of consumers will not trust a business if they can not find it online.

If you are a local business, you must have heard about Google my business location, local listing and its power to drive consumers to your business.


Why Hire Axis Web Art for your Local SEO efforts?

Hire our Local SEO Experts for a customized local SEO plan for your business. With combined SEO expertise of 14 years and a dedicated team of local SEO experts, we can help you gain a competitive advantage in your domain.

Google My Business and Citation Management Pricing

GMB and citation management is an affordable and value-added option for you if you have already built a local presence for your business. With limited expert support and guidance, you can take over your competition and also learn valuable SEO skills during the process.

Its recommended for if you

Have Google my business location already but need help with optimization Some directory listings are already created but not managed properly.

You don’t have a big budget and do not want to hire a full-time agency. If you want to taste the water and want to see how SEO can help your business.

How do we do Local SEO – Our 10-step process explained

Local SEO is a different domain and it requires a different set of expertise. We have documented our 10 step process to help you understand what happens behind the scenes.

  • 01

    hire magento developer for psd to magento

    We start by Optimizing your Google My Business presence
    GMB is the first step in Local SEO optimization. We have all experienced it as consumers. In your day-to-day searches, you come across a lot of local business rankings on Google Maps.

    The Above listing is a Google Map pack. The top 3 listings are highlighted based on Proximity, relevance, and Trust. When we work with you, we will gather information such as your address, hours of operation, phone number, your service areas (if applicable), image from your team, office location, team, etc. You will work with us on a specific format to update all this information on your GMB page.

    To understand the detailed process of GMB optimization, chat with our expert today.

  • 02

    Magento Theme Development

    Build and optimize local citations
    Once we have successfully updated and claimed a local listing, it’s time to build a NAP Consistency across local directories. We start by focusing on your.

    • Social Media Presence
    • Business-specific local directories
    • Regional Local Directories
    • Other search engines and maps – such as Bing, Apple Maps, Foursquare, etc.


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  • 03

    Magento Theme Development

    Create local Content
    In addition to the local map pack, you also need to target the regular search engine presence. Your local content page is a target for web and mobile search if it’s updated with the latest content and useful information.

    We will work with you to update your content, build location-specific content and pages, add location information as required on your product and service pages, and integrate your GMB map location on the Local page. We follow a complete checklist for updating the content on the local page.

  • 04

    Magento Theme Development

    Create a Content Calendar
    Google prefers to show accurate and up-to-date information to its searchers. It’s always looking for an active and responsive business. To make sure you give proper signals to Google and to your customer, we will work with you to create and follow a content calendar with various content formats and a content repurposing guide.

  • 05

    Magento Theme Development

    Content Repurposing
    When you work with us, you will never be short of content ideas. Our team will guide you on how to use your existing content across different formats such as photos, video, audio, presentations, infographics, social media posts, quizzes, and much more. Choosing the right content format for each medium is really important for long-term success with the content.

    This will make your content share-worthy and help you reach a new set of audiences which in turn helps you expand your business.

  • 06

    Magento Theme Development

    Monitor ratings and reviews and customer response
    Customer feedback is imperative. Reviews good and bad will keep coming. A potential customer will consider both reviews and responses before deciding to do business with you. A trusted business is both responsive and sensitive to its customers. We will work proactively with you to ensure a proper public response to all reviews.

    Our 5 step review framework will help you get more reviews from your happy customers across Google my business, Facebook, and third-party directories such as Trustpilot, Yelp, and BBB depending on your geography.

  • 07

    Magento Theme Development

    Improve your website
    Mobile friendliness is a hallmark for local SEO. 78% of local Search happens on Mobile. If you already have a website, we will work with you to improve the responsiveness, mobile friendliness, and overall look and feel.

    If you are just starting up, work with us to develop a responsive and neat web presence for your local business.

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  • 08

    Magento Theme Development

    Build Local Links
    We help you earn links from local reputed businesses. This will boost your local ranking on Google web. We follow a systematic process to build local links for you. When it comes to local ranking, it’s the quality of the link that matters most.

    As a first step, we will search for local reputed businesses and potential link targets and review them along with you to finalize our target potential.
    In the second step, we will come up with content ideas that can attract local businesses to link to you. We have a team of expert content creators who can work with you for building local share-worthy content. This is a value-added service.

  • 09

    Magento Theme Development

    Analyze and improve your user experience and conversion
    When we talk about user experience, it’s not just limited to the experience on your website. While we will scan your website to figure out navigation issues, UI and UX. We will also proactively suggest improvements in how you handle and interact with your customers. We can help you improve your communication over email, SMS, Whatsapp, call, or any other medium of your choice.

  • 10

    Magento Theme Development

    Local Press Coverage
    When it comes to local SEO, local press can really help you scale quickly. We will proactively work with you to scan opportunities to win local press. This will also establish you as a local thought leader in your category.

Why is local SEO important? How Local SEO services add value to your business?

Local SEO emerged as a weapon for small businesses to counter the ruthless approach of big directories, ecommerce websites that dominated the search engines and online presence by sheer amount of resources they were able to dedicate.

If you are a small business, a mom and pop store or a local service provider, Local SEO comes as a savior to you. If you are managing a good presence on GMB, social media, and pushing regular content updates, you can dominate the search engine presence locally and thereby compete for the attention of your target/potential customer.

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Few reasons why Local SEO is so important


Your rank where it matters

The local presence and ranking ensures that you reach your target customer locally where it matters the most. You will be able to efficiently serve them. A dedicated local SEO effort can improve your business presence, and will have a direct impact on your bottom line and profitability.


You reach the right customer whom you can serve efficiently.

If you get calls from localities where you are not serving, it results in a wastage of time and a disappointed customer.

Dedicated local SEO helps you rank in your service areas. This ensures that you reach the right set of customers.


It improves your website traffic

When you invest more in local content, your website will rank better locally. You will be competing for the right keywords and the right set of eyeballs. When your website is able to attract the right audience, it directly results in a better revenue, bottomline and an improved customer experience.


It improves your offline traffic

When you rank in a local map pack, the mobile search and GMB queries for your business will increase, this will in turn help you get more footfall on your business location. Your target customer will be able to search for your business on Google map and it also appears for a local search query on mobile.


Its long term and sustainable

Local SEO is long term and sustainable. Once you build a good digital presence, it’s a long term advantage. To keep an edge over your competition, you need to maintain a content streak and improve upon your customer response.


It prepare you for the future challenges of a digital economy

Google is investing heavily in making voice search prominent. Around 80% of customer queries are voice queries are location based. Since the search is coming from mobile, a good presence on GMB can help you tap that customer. By virtue of being an early adopter, you get the first mover advantage on all Map and search related enhancements from Google.

How to hire a best local SEO services company

Looking for the best local SEO services company to help grow your business?


Check their existing work and results

A local SEO is a long term investment. You need to engage a right outsourcing partner which can benefit both. ( you as a customer and the vendor). While hiring a local SEO Company, always verify from their past customers and if possible look for their reviews and feedback. Proactively reach out to people whom they served in the past. At Axis Web Arts, we encourage our customers to regularly share their feedback. This helps our potential customers to understand our capabilities and to serve them better.


Discuss pricing and check for hidden costs or charges

To Build a long term relationship, transparency in price is important. Understand how they charge and the pricing models. The Local SEO company charges on project basis, monthly retainer, service basis etc. We have a flexible pricing model and offer value added services such as content writing, website development etc. The pricing will be shared with you in advance and there are no hidden costs.


Understand the process they follow and how they guide you

This is crucial for your local SEO success. Understand their process in detail and look out for some red flags. One, they are not using any black hat techniques for quick success. Two, they are not spamming people for links on your behalf. Three, they are not building links on spam or low quality sites or directories.

A good local SEO company will be a thought leader in their space. They will proactively educate you and handhold you to understand the local SEO domains, what’s happening in the space, what’s new and exciting.

Local SEO FAQs

The cost depends on a number of factors. For a single location, it would be divided into GMB+Citation management and updating the website. For an ongoing engagement content support is also important, if you have an inhouse content capabilities, you need not subscribe to this. Otherwise this is offered as a value added service.

For multiple locations, the price model is slightly different. The content needs to be modified according to locations you serve while citation building is also a location based service.

It’s crucial for an enhanced Local Presence. As mentioned earlier some benefits of local SEO are

  1. It’s long term and sustainable.
  2. It offers you a competitive advantage over global competitors
  3. If done correctly, it would add to your bottom line and profit.

Local SEO services would included the following

  1. GMB and citation management
  2. Citations and NAP consistency
  3. Local Website presence
  4. Local content development
  5. Local Link building and press coverage.


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