Website Homepage Banner Design Ideas & Tips – You Must Know

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If you are about to develop a website for your business, we hope that you have your homepage banner figured out, and if you don’t have it yet, you certainly are at the right place.

If you want the homepage banner design inspiration or some tips that can help you level up your game, then this article is what you need.

By the end of it, you will know why the banner homepage is so important and how you can make it better.

We are in the times when to hold your place in the competition, you have to be ahead of the game constantly. 

Be it a vertical banner ad design or a horizontal one, you need to make sure that it hits the right spot.

Now, we will see why the homepage banner and its design is crucial for your organization’s success.

Why Is The Homepage Banner So Important?

Generally, people are not aware of how and why the homepage banner can be beneficial for their website.

Let’s first talk about the banner image in general.

Banners are something that people see before they enter an event, a website, a social media page (on a desktop), or any such thing.

So, the banner is shown as something that creates a first impression on the customer, and visitors.

Websites with banners are more attractive to customers who are interested in visual content.

Axis Web Art Homepage Banner Tips

Now, here we are discussing specifically homepage banner design.

A creative banner design is important because when a visitor opens the website, this is the part that they will see before anything else.

Mostly this is the only part that loads when other components of the website are loading.

So, this is something that should keep the people hooked and also provide them with some information and yet keep them curious.

You should look up homepage banner examples before you start making one for yourself to get an idea of what attracts the users.

For example, Social media designs like the Facebook homepage banner, and website homepage banners need to be created in a certain manner for which they might need some tools.

That is why you can read more about how to design a good banner ad on the internet and make sure that you have the best-designed banner on your website.

Making A Great First Impression

When it comes to making the first impression on website visitors, there is nothing that can hold them like the website banner.

When they open the website they should see something that would keep them hooked to the website.

Everyone opens your website for a particular reason; especially if they have searched for a related keyword on Google.

Now, when that happens you should make analyses of what people might be looking for and what concerns that is available on the website. 

We have plenty of homepage banner ideas in this article and some tips that will help you catch the attention of your visitors.

You should follow the homepage banner template and see the results. Analysis of the data that you get from the research will give you a better result.

These tips will work if you are creating an ad banner for the WordPress homepage or for a website that is created from scratch. 

Homepage Banner Ideas & Tips


In this article, we have given easy tips on how to design banner ads easily for busy entrepreneurs. You might not have much time, but if you follow the tips mentioned here, you can make a great banner skillfully.

Nevertheless, if you find banner designing difficult then you can also hire website design services that will charge you some money but will give you exactly what your website needs above the fold. 

  • Design Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing:

Your WordPress homepage banner should be pleasing to the eyes. That is what leads people to see and read what follows on your website.

This is true not only for the virtual world but for the real world as well. You only read banners that are either visually pleasing or unique.

Hence, you must find some aesthetically pleasing backdrops for the homepage banner image or ask your designer to create one that resonates with your brand’s idea.

Remember, you can also use the same banner image as youtube homepage banner ads or on ads for Facebook. That is why it should be something that is really captivating.

Creative banners ideas design should always be coming to your mind so that you can come up with something new every moment.

  • Include Your Brand’s Vision:

What benefit will you get if the customers are unaware of the vision of your brand?

Your banner image should have the vision of the company. Though it shouldn’t be too pronounced, set in a way that it doesn’t miss the human vision.

The website homepage banner design and the content on it should also be in sync. The font and the effects on it should complement the background.

Without all of this, your banner wouldn’t be as distinctive and noticeable. Also, you should never copy-paste the vision content; always get it written by a professional copywriter. 

If your banner does not follow these rules, then you should get a new one made by talking to the banner maker.

  • Don’t Forget The Call-to-Action:

Some of you might be wondering what Call-to-Action means. “Please follow our website for more updates about this.”

If you go through this more than 3 times, you would get an idea of what a Call-to-Action is. To make it even simpler, a call to action is any statement or thing that prompts the readers or visitors to complete a certain action.

Just like the statement said to follow the website for more updates. You can also use your homepage banner image to give a call to action to the visitors.

  • Keep It In Sliders:

Did you know that you can keep more than one homepage banner? Yes, you just have to keep them in the sliders, and they will be constantly changing.

Although, you must make sure that you keep an appropriate interval between consecutive slides so that the visitors get enough time to read the written content.

This is a mistake that most website developers make; they keep the time so short that people have to keep scrolling over the same image multiple times to read it completely. Keep your banner ad design similar to maintain consistency. 

  • Go With a Minimalistic Approach While Designing:

Keep your website homepage banner design as minimal as you can. People do not want any extra and unnecessary elements. The quality is in emoting in fewer words and graphics.

Be it your homepage banner size, youtube homepage banner size, or Facebook homepage banner size, make sure that you fill the ratio similarly.

You will have to readjust for all these, but that is important. The minimalistic designs also should look the same on all platforms.

  • Don’t Put Any “Hard to Understand” Content On The Banner:

You must put only user-friendly content on the homepage that is easily understandable.

These banner ad design tips might sound basic but are the most important of all the others.

Most people make the banner content hard to understand in the process of making it look attractive.

Hard words can attract people but won’t convert them into leads.

No one has time to search for your website and then look for the meaning of the words they find on your website.

You can take website development services & design or a Graphic design agency and ensure that there are no mistakes in the banner image.


So, if you are not creative yourself, you can use banner ad design software or hire a graphic design agency for this job. But make sure that you always look at the banner ad design rates that are proposed by those agencies and decide the one that suits you.

Homepage banner images are really important for your website, and you need to make sure that you follow the mentioned tips if you are going to design it yourself.


  • What is a banner on a homepage?

    The banner is the most important part of your website which is the first thing that the user sees when they enter your website. The Banner images work to show important aspects of your business, which tell users what your business is about.

  • What makes a good web banner?

    Essential tips to make a good web banner or What should be on your banner?
    Use High- Quality Images
    Choose Attractive Images or color
    Use headline and subtext
    Use Quality Materials
    Add your business or Personal logo
    Unique Quality Materials
    Choose bold and readable fonts so they can be read from afar

  • What is banner advertising?

    Banner advertising is a rectangular graphic display that is placed on the website top, footer, right, and left, which are clickable, with the help of which traffic is brought to a website.

  • What is the purpose of a banner?

    The purpose of the banner is to attract the attention of the customers towards the services and products. The purpose of banner advertising is to increase brand awareness, give information about new products and services, and bring traffic to the website by linking it.

  • What is the best file format for web banners?

    Although there are file formats for web banners, 4 are more used JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG. Which of these formats will be good for your web, it depends on the design of the banner like if you have an image on your banner then you can use JPEG format and if not the image on the banner then you can go with PNG format.